Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Trees From DeForest"

I am now creating one of a kind trees. Here is the one I call "Future".

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Years Resolution.

A Simple thing for this year. To pray that my family is healthy, my friends find what they are looking for, my future is better than it is, and that we all find security in a very insecure life.

A lot to ask for a resolution, but none-the-less it is what I am praying will come to pass.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Swing

One of my most favorite things to do is sit on my swing while I work on one of my many craft projects. I have made rugs, afghans, prayer shawls, scarves, toys, ornaments, clothes and recently quilts all swinging away on my swing. I have seen so many special moments from that swing. The kids playing together in the sand pile, chipmunks racing around the yard, rare birds eating mulberries, squirrels trying to reach the very end of tree limbs to get the biggest fattest berries and then hanging there with their tales waving in the wind, my husband and my children riding bikes in the driveway, and recently the building of our addition to the house. My swing is part of the family. We have family meetings, plan trips, have early morning coffee dates, laugh, sing, have picnics and so many more things with my swing. I rocked both my babies to sleep all summer on that swing and still do sometimes. I care a lot for that old swing. When a winter storm tore off it's canopy, I made it a new one, when the seats started to shred, I found new ones to cover them. I've had that swing for only 7 years, but it feels like I have had it forever. You know I would give my TV, DVD, and computer away if I had too, but I wouldn't give that old swing away for anything! OK I would for God and my family, but it would be a very sad day... I love my swing. Is it strange to love a thing? When it gives you peace, and fills your heart with happiness and when you are with it you feel content. What else could it be, but love?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bath time...

Why do we clean the tub...
just to put a dirty child in it?

Is this not the prettiest plate of food you have ever seen? My husband saw a picture just like this on the side of a truck yesterday. So today he made it for us for dinner! Is that not the coolest? I sure thought it was! He's so awesome! And hey it was really good!

Favorite things...

Watering the garden while the kids run back and forth through the hose. They get to cool off and I get the plants watered (not to mention a little inner pleasure at getting even for one of those rotten moments the kids gave me earlier). Is that wrong?

Welcome to DeForestville

What is DeForestville? Our home, our lifestyle, and our family. Why DeForestville? We're not a farm (Yet), we don't live in a town, the city, a suburbs, or even the country. We live in a little village of our own so why not DeForestville? Now if we could get a couple more DeForest families in the houses near by we could make it official!

What is the point of this blog? To spill out all my ideas, thoughts, plans for the future and anything else I can think of. Does it make you wonder what you've gotten into? Don't feel bad I wonder what I've gotten you into, too.

Just wait and see maybe I'll surprise you. I know I surprise myself here all the time!